Are the Raiders about to lose 5 straight? 10/16/17

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Monday, October 16th

Derek Carr hasn't thrown it particularly well recently.


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He be part of the show it before 913 forty they'll forget baseball come at 4 o'clock today. As the Yankees frank if back in it down to nothing to the Astros earlier there was absolutely. Brilliant. On Saturday may and I hope he gets see some of that performance probably didn't he watch college football I understand. He beat Texas so. We're on the right place in the world but man a man Verlander was quite remarkable. I did it in front of the title by the way city grew up idolizing Nolan Ryan looked up in the stands or on Ryan's affiliated with the Astros who sit right there. I'm here say no lose proposition for you you can find out I'm reading this right off the page or you can find out what kind of Halloween candy bar. In the cache creek casino quiz and automatically be entered for a chance to win a 500 dollar visa gift card. I gotta do is going to the players club if you're not hurting American players but shame on you go to ESP entered into when he dot net. It yourself signed up and down find out what kind of Halloween candy York. My opinion Roberts should be able to declare what kind of came to York. But so be it BDQ did at the venue and have a chance to win a 500 dollar b.s against gift cards and be sure and do you gat here's a great this a minute this this was written by Jerry McDonald's. Jerry writes for the east bay times. Varian news group. Coming out of yesterday's raiders game this is a notes column. Could a 29 year old linebacker with the recent history of serious injury. And released by a winless team beavis solution to the raiders problems in the middle of their defense. I don't know but the raiders are about to find out. Navarro Bowman and released just last week a couple of days gone fact by the 49ers is prepared to sign. With the raiders visited with the raiders today. As I mentioned just a moment ago and has now canceled so say reporters in Dallas canceled his visit is scheduled visit to the cowboys. I thought there might be a temptation there because the cowboys played via 49ers this week but apparently nine. So Navarro Bowman is going to sign a one year deal with the raiders. That. Sounds right because I don't think there was any chance for small. The 49ers are paying them so the raider little pain and basically just sort of a vet minimum doesn't cost a raiders might secondly. 0%. Chance in my opinion that Reggie McKenzie would have offered Navarro Bowman any future. This would be about this season alone and if and only NF. He establishes that whatever the 49ers got out of them isn't close to what he really has left. Only if he can prove that with the raiders be interested. Really not Reggie McKenzie is way. He'll cut a linebacker rather meant paying very much money he's done them before. Do the raiders need help Labatt part you don't have to guess about. The raiders yesterday losing seventeen sixteenths of the chargers Sandia excuse me in LA team it'd come in with one win. And an NNN team I should say despite sort of getting pushed around it's a team. To which raiders had yielded only fourteen points. Until it really mattered. So really mattered. Chargers took overthrown eight yard line. With little morn four minutes left yesterday trailing by two points this was not a particularly watchable game by the bank formed surmised he saw it. Not them and not at all time watchable game. But this sequence was and it was really eye opening chargers started their own a and just carved up the raiders defense put it really mattered. First play of the drive Philip Rivers fines honor Henry. The tight end wide open 34 yard gain two plays later he hits the same guy for another 23 yards. Melvin Gordon ran the ball straight at the raiders defensive front five straight times. To use it's 43 yards in five carries got into the ten yard line. Which allowed Philip Rivers around the clock down couple wins with a couple of Neil Neil downs. I'm nick Novak. Not the rookie kicker they can cut nick Novak the veteran. It's teed up for it and a chip shot which becomes in fact. Big game winner and you know you you don't have to gas. Jack to Korea's beside himself. In part because the defense is what he does you know eleven years is a player. Jack Del Rio on the defensive side as a linebacker. You know nearly two decades after that trying to design defenses and execute defense is and he's got one right now it can't get a stop. You may remember last week. The ravens in the raiders are still in a competitive game. When Baltimore just takes the ball and she's up on nearly seven minute six and a half minutes just right down the field. An analog time's right up the guy. The it that the pass plays were were particularly brutal for Del Rio. Who acknowledged after the game. That they've got the chargers pinned back. And he said this this is Jack Del Rio and headcount. They ran exactly the plays we know they run including the tide in remember under Henry. If these seven yards and two catches in that final drive we were literally calling out the play. Guys that are responsible for that have to make the play it's unfortunate we let the back get out a little bit. But the timing get out a little bit in most cases it's stuff we've prepared for and wrapped. Carl Joseph finally said on the very first cast when when we get. You got charged out to eight yard line give a 34 yard gain on the first play from scrimmage Carl Joseph says yeah how's Miami and get it done. So the raiders. Pill I think it at this point would have to be bored pretty easily classified as the most disappointing team in the NFL. Are left trying to figure out what's going on their car back on the field generally do law. He would have you believe it is back had nothing to do with it the transverse fracture. Didn't really prevent anything. The reality is he threw for about seven you won. I'm in. It is true that the chargers particularly. Their defensive scheme was to drop back Steve. And forced her car to take the under but I'm not even sure how much they needed to do that because. One thing that you notice if you did watch the raiders very closely as Derek curry isn't thrown deep ball. He's not thrown in when he does he doesn't do particularly well. I don't know where the guy ASE quarterback last year but he's not out there right now. Not to lay it all on dirt car shoulders. I just described defense that if had been able to get a stop wins again. Couldn't get a stop which got it you got to reckon with the truth. The deer car doesn't look like the same guy. So. At this point the raiders options are somewhat limited. I think it's why they wind up signing a bar Obama he's a low cost option and wanted to carry went. You know he doesn't cost him a time not paying the freight. If tomorrow stinks they just move on I'm an an and try to get something you know out of somebody else they've they've they've had injury to. And they've got to deal with what's in front of a bit but but they're reality is they've lost 40. In a plane that cease on Thursday night so it's a short week to get ready for a team they just suffered his first loss this season now called that game. I remember last week I I told you that the Steelers will win the game out right now to cover. It was because they run so well the Steelers run so well let me on they'll have another great day. The Steelers are a weird team to figure out an Alitalia. When they put the bomb went on Bell's hands they are very good shape that image she's really got carved with that said Kansas in that city is still such a good team. And I think probably good in almost all areas they do give up the run. If your if your team that can run that's hard charging running team you've got a chance with Kansas City. Gauging control clock a little bit not sure the raiders of that team and they so we solid marsh on yesterday he started good early and inflated out. I'm heat he did not wouldn't say had a bad game but he inning he rushed for. At a little under five yards carries on embarrassing by any means but not not the break out guy not a guy is gonna break out and get things done. But the raiders are going through. The two sides you know I think baffling to so many people who who expected so much better from them. But you know you gotta taken number right now on the NFL. If you if you wanna talk about your miseries. And what happened yesterday to the Packers is a season changer Aaron Rodgers. Decked by Anthony Barr after a throw until I have seen him I mean he's a DEE you seen or Raj goes turf like this. 500 times if you watch the Packers play. He he releases the ball fairly laid he's willing to take the hit it didn't look much different than any other hit it is necessary I think the fate of football at times. But absolutely crunched down breaks his collarbone this is the second time he's broken collarbone last time. A couple years ago it was on the left side this is on the throwing shoulder side. Tough tough break freight team a lot of people had pegged for the NFC title game. Under pressure flushed it was like looking downfield for. On the field prevented it. Field and he just dropped it it did and they hands and open space he would have had yardage Rodgers went down after the play. He is still on his back side. It's an incomplete pass. And they hit by if the knee bar that role where Rodgers down to the deck had a game very slowly get up against. Down to ground. Aaron Rodgers back of his Brett Hundley. Brett Hundley was cornerback at UCLA. Com news is it was a fifth round pick in two when he fifteen he spent the last couple years learning stuff. There are so open questions about where the Packers go from here. You might wanna hang on to those Capra nick thoughts we'll get to that not really series can be an option based on what's going on in the last 48 hours. But we'll talk about the.