With the anthem flap solved, is Kaep cleared for take off? 5/23/18

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Wednesday, May 23rd
What actions are consdered as protesting?

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And they. PLO must not watching the giants in the Astros and break in the action via NBA game. You know. And maxed out he was up from. Give the city and on second base for the Astros was Katie Davis from grow up. How about that to happen and everywhere you look these days them by the way Houston four giants won today that the final. Yes the giants were outscored by hands and fifteen mystery in the two days in Houston what's. You what they had one bad game well they faced geared colon Verlander back to back which will crimp annual planes. Some margin was. I'm not great he left dead following foreign teachers having given up three rounds. But really it's more about the giants. It is not look at QB came out of the game I know economic eye contact with steel skipper either. I'm I think they're still a thing with starters even when they're going bad about getting through five innings that's my guess them he's not getting the win. But at least he would have qualified for the limits of the wild would have happened I think the damage was all done with two outs I'm not mistaken I could be wrong but that obviously that can be frustrating. Yes. I'm editing your rate the time. Yes Jesse Brothers have been part they're an incredible story Yuba City in addition to their father coached great family story. And I I'm I hope that he stays I have no idea that's the toughest one of the toughest rosters and the majors right now to be a part of so it's a huge compliment to him he's there. And I I don't even know what the circumstances that prompted in their times saying he's not a guy you. There's no doubt about it he has succeeded at every level along the way and if if he were in some organization other than the Astros you try wouldn't promoter already. So good for him meanwhile the National Football League today proudly announcing its new National Anthem policy. Here is the for now commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell. From our standpoint this is a great opportunity to continue to have partnership tour players and you've just focus. On the progress in the programs are we sinker so important. In the communities. We're proud of that support releasing. That's how change is really going to be made us clearly our objective is a league high into all 32 clubs which was unanimous decision. We want people to be respectful to nationally as we want people to stand. It's all personnel and make sure that intrigues us is our moment. They're respectful fashion and that's something we sing we go. We have been very sensitive and making sure that we you know give players choices are we do believe at that moment is an important moment and one that we are going to. Focus. No matter how you feel about the anthem and how players should they respond Iraq during it he said at least two things in there that are. It borderline lies at least. One is he talked about partnership with the players and the players union says they didn't consult us on any of the prices so parts is what players unions do ripen in the states are saying. We're gonna do you know look at the policy and see if it violates. The actual collective bargaining agreement we have and then we'll get back just so the players union doesn't feel like. This really reflected. Any joint efforts to address situation. Secondly the commissioner said the vote was unanimous which while it wasn't because Jed York says he extinct. Yes he says he abstained. Specifically because he didn't think that the proposal was anywhere near having been discussed enough to be voted on he didn't say that he abstained because he wanted to vote no. But didn't he said I'd I felt we were having complete information mission have been voting. So he abstain. Mean that's it. Do you think now that this is settled meanwhile Scott settled where it's still going to be conversely. What I mean is the NFL now has a policy in place you don't wanna stand you can be in the you know lock from a few Juan if you don't stand. Do you think now of this opens the path for college property to return the NFL no. Don't. Don't think so at all because that's a different at this point that's an entirely different conversation. We have now involves a lawsuit now inclusion and well that's part of it in the other part is that any team would say Iran carrot the policy is. If people's it if he's bad for business I don't want him if I if I'm afraid he'll be bad for business I don't want them right got nothing to do if irony that I shouldn't cause a deal's a deal. Today's ruling by the leak I don't want him on my team and she's gonna stand Buford a National Anthem or just straight up I don't care what he does at this point he's. Toxic to me. Because people associate him with. I don't know what it all let's just say for the Sagan put myself in an owner's brain for a second. Disrespect with that people associate him a disrespect them we can't have that on our roster. So no I don't think it affects on Kapanen positively in any way. I do think that two days. Statement should be seen for what it is which is a ruling. By the NFL. Give Dell said so we just played the cut he said we think they should stand we want them to stand. He didn't say we embrace all views. I'm he didn't say. Tom we're working toward a more perfect resolution here he said we want to stand among. So in the end he was no team in the end. He doubts there will be owners who said that standard we don't play football. The policy states that every player in the field to quote shall stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem. So then you have to ask while wide is what constitutes Reese back it's. Who's the arbiter of respect for the flag what would be considered disrespect. The flag and anthem and did. Why why would the league in the owners kind of willingly attempt to police something that is subjective like this. Well I think. Good general public has a very strong view reports. Respect for the flag is in that moment we have language and our policy that talks about standing at attention crafts are focused. And I think the general orbital these clubs wouldn't in the league and more from our players who get their viewpoint also. Another word Leo that we don't know yet to write. I mean if you're both keep the fans have a general sense of what's respectful. Enough hands. Says he got caught there are yards just a cop out I mean the it's because they put together a a half baked plan that a couple of owners ram through. And Sid dammit Afghanistan and that's of that let's keep this thing out of the way and forgive me if you know this already. That the reason it's an issue is okay what do they stand with their. Arms locked like last year is that did their standing but is that disrespectful. That's who figures that out that that's that the question so I think the fans know. The owner of the Steelers today Art Rooney said way we think got to be disrespectful. Any form of protest is a formal protest and is therefore disrespectful many kidney. I mean it's like are you even in the United States of America but that's what he actually thanks mom what he thinks is. If if you stand for the anthem but put a fist in the air. I'm we need to stroke penalty flag because that can't happen where I think it's gonna get inching Whitey is what it's it's not so ensemble. What if I stand for the anthem but keep my head lowered to the ground modified sign my name atop to have an Olympian at the flag we're gonna check with the fans yeah I'm I'm give back to refinance I mean we'll do quick poll I have three fans of here's the thing that's this respect exactly you know what we've got a great Wi-Fi and say hey folks did you just. We're gonna get a guest bill here. You know Eric's got his head down and we thought we'd ask anybody did. How would you and disrespect it idiotic. Here's the other thing and I I know that the league I mean I'm sure you're building an answer a question about this but if you give a player the option and the option is that you don't have to be out there. But he fears if you're out there you have to stand. And odds pick a number seven guys there's be a lot publicity seven guys on the team decide okay well I'll be out there. Any anthems over. And then seven guys right now the tunnel what's gonna happen seven guys right we gonna get The Who data. Right and what's gonna happen identified as like the evil sent what's gonna happen to the one or two guys and says go and find me I'm not standing right. Well it's big hitter if they're good enough players to be able to do that they should hope they play for the New York Jets because the jets owner chairman. Chris Johnson who voted for the deal. Nevertheless set afterwards I'll pay for the fine meaning that we were we we respect the rights our guys to do what they want now no jet took a knee last year. But without doing noticeable will pay the fine there will pay. Are the team pay it. Well then why do vote for the day am. I mean. Hicks going on here you have a league that continues to say essentially. Gallery it's. And we're gonna improve it by passing crazy ruling you'll buy it. Because we were telling you that the NFL's patriotic you know got a long ways to go before this saga is sort that out yet.