Another Guy the Giants wanted...goes elsewhere. 1/11/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 11th

Jay Bruce back to New York.


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There's been a lot of drama swirling around Pittsburgh Steelers. This year and it continues with the Steelers getting ready to take on the jags in the divisional playoffs they'll be on bell. He is prepared he tells ESPN to sit out a season or even retire. If franchise tag for the second consecutive year races I hope it doesn't come to that but I would definitely consider it he said that before practice today. But end up played on a twelve point one million dollar franchise tag and when he seventeen. That is projected increase to around fourteen and half milk for next year teams can tag a clear between the twentieth of February march 6 after which they have blah blah blah blah. Last July turned down a long term contract the report said was worth up to a thirty million dollars in the first two years because he thought the team didn't die useful skill set I. Think I would call his bluff on this 100% calls atlas and I know that he would waffle. There's no question he's not walking away from fourteen point five million dollars in the middle of his career or this morning senior made waffles with peanut butter. Rule good stuff actually taken about that good stuff yeah you sit waffle on the forget Levy a bell yet. Well I think that's good advice for Hillary on bill. I don't think he's leaving the Steelers and I don't think the Steelers want him to go. And I'm sure that they are more than happy to franchise tag him. Which remembered doesn't preclude them coming to an agreement on long term deal. That affect the way the Redskins worked with Kirk cousins is not really necessarily Allah franchise tag past ago. You can tag somebody while you were Connell longer term deal you have a window of opportunity there soon. That's just a way of saying look for sure your client force were found a deal but can I give him my old old man take on this yet we may need a thing and that rather why he's old man today when. Caught some else but you know something like that. I just I. Sometimes I just I pine for the days when you didn't have to have a lot of greed understand. Player contracts and trades and labor agreements I guess you've always be good. A lot of read understand labor agreements but you know you spew this guy gets treated like I guess traded yeah and the franchise tag again. Bird rights and cap space and dead money is. I. You're victory in those other complicated but sometimes I I don't think it's art they need to think the thing that's about an and that's why. Especially in the NBA eco straight tee he got straight on line. In you put it into his trade tracker say would this work under that we you know under the salary rules and that's the first thing that comes expiring contract there right. Does that rural I don't know all I really don't know and must post a valued and I don't know that and cap colleges and would this little bit more cut crime wave Lotta field sometimes right. Old most of the time orderly used to feel I don't wanna talk about it was how life feels most of them know I told you I wanted. But but I think. In Lebanon bill's case that's an easier one now the Steelers would simply say we'll know we're you're here aren't mean. We you've you wanna fight it for a year ago Wright had there's no chance on Earth Day he's gonna sit out a year in the middle of his career. If he values if if what he values is how he's valued. And a team is offering to make you you know. A player has paid within the top five average salaries of every player in your position. And running back is actually undervalued in the league anyway. Probably won't fight the tags and the NFL has launched an investigation into the raiders hiring process and whether they violated the Rooney rule. That apparently is from out of chapter who at a from a league official. The NFL's at cross purposes on this you had according to reports a league spokesman said today. We don't have any. Policy on as far as a Rooney rule goes team. Hiring a guy before they fired the previous guy well then you have no Rooney rule. Well now you are actually talking about. He was just talking about whether. There's a ruled that specifically says she can't. It really had it's really had nothing to do the Rooney rule. I mean of course it does because practically can't do but these that he was actually talking about but. Can you hire a coach before you fire the other guy will there's no rule says you can't do that except further Rooney rule out exactly. So you have to adapt well you'd have to say okay we're gonna fire this guy and I already you know who I want higher. But I still needed you know call T mart US CNN and Philip for an interview and hope that all stays quiet. And Mark Davis clearly what you do now. So I think Mark Davis just willing to take the hit one like all right you got me I'd I'd but I want this is the guy wanted and this is the only guy was gonna hire. And you know. I'll stand on my franchise's record when he comes a minority hiring and promotion I really think the NFL. I think there they're trying to just judge here okay is this is this a thing or not a people really upset. About this we know that their Fritz Pollard alliance is called on the NFL to investigate. But you know that the NFL probably gonna wait and see what they do depending on how upset people are. Yeah well. Maybe I mean I'd like to see him take a stand. On the Rooney rule for gonna have a rule take a stand on it right now do something. The league's. I'm not sure they will it's and I hate Jesus were to get me to think about breakfast it. Police waffled on the rear wheel so many times and it's already made so many exceptions. Over the years to say well yeah now but it generally violate the spirit of the blah blah blah. That. It's possible that that would do anything. And if they do take a hard lining as the raiders there's any chance the league looks ridiculous. Because it has so I mean. And reinforced that right now they catch rule what do catches in the NFL is crystal clear compared to the Rooney rule crystal clear by comparison. And by the way another thing that it's crystal clear you mentioned waffles waffles or is vastly superior pancakes in virtually every way and even wrong about that law. Pincay exhibition. Great and a winner forever let's just take a vote well we have did Jamie here rob you or any other area waffles are superior well there's no one's in a boat when you party. Millions they look at well yes he knew the answers before you call for a vote how would I know other answers because you saw their hand shooting and I didn't know what they're handers shooting and I thought terrorism off in the students probably wouldn't. I'm happy for you and off holes they Q and I'm happy we are you thinking you have nothing issue waffles at all. I really I went up against you I try never to take against any food group wait do you like your pancakes playing would you like chocolate bits and learn. Banana or bananas. Assure them their pancakes billion I think it's all great absolutely. Pincay subpoena governors also tremendously OK nothing I think you would like there enough. I would like him just not as much as waffles but to each his own. And a Jay Bruce has decided in I'll take the Mets and their waffles to the giants in their pancakes papers returning the Mets three years 39 million dollars. The jets were interested but apparently they offered what according to reports where the Twitter reports about ten mil last yeah I think the jets are better off without Jay Bruce the problem is they still have to do something and if they're gonna be serious about. Make it any noises here as an arranged it doesn't sound like they were that serious about. I'm so it sounds like something I think they might have thought. You know. Did Jay Bruce really liked the idea Meehan San Francisco and might just go along with the idea you know my take last that this is where really wanna be. He's played for the Mets who likes Mets he knows how to play in New York he's could add one they'll be fine.