The amazing, mostly true story of how Martellus Bennett went from retiring with a bad shoulder to catching 3 passes last night. 11/13/17

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Monday, November 13th

Martellus Bennett is pretty good.


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Went for the patriots last night yeah Martellus Bennett a guy who was let go by the Packers last week because he's got the bad shoulder and he didn't tellem did he caught three passes last night did he get bloody. What. Yeah he's pretty good yeah you got going moved pretty well forgot the Daschle and music tiring because he needs surgery yeah. They become a three passes last night I yeah which is especially remarkable considering. That you know he felt that the Packers return oppression we get on the field so thank goodness of the pressure off now he can just play when he's ready which it turns out is now do any kind of take shots at their their doctor basically what he said it was a medical staff was pressuring him to play. Which prompted about and I'm not kidding here about a dozen Packers players. To either tweet or insert Graham or post. I've never had a doctor affiliate with the Packers pressure me play if anything it's always been the other way where we wanted to play and when Atlantis. But Dallas nortel's minute story you that was a story. By the way a rough night for the Broncos up 4116. Don't understand that note that Broncos. Mile high advantage last night they're coached against Joseph says the Broncos will evaluate all areas after that. Route. Martellus Bennett says it's been a surreal week I think it it has been for all of us following this drama chair I seriously. You played seven snaps and at three catches for 38 yards he's probably gonna have a great second half for the patriots yet so he was asked dom eight. You're gonna undergoes surgery talk about retiring in and you played. What's what's going on for if it wasn't that wasn't where was loses about the injury is like one of those things you know you talk to say it would. Six or seven doctors about it and you know could go either way because they the voters to get fixed and then. You know after trying to fix and in a way did you hit that note that the binges the hard you know you just can't guard facility on dude and. Well whoa whoa writes he's voting for a Disco ball yeah so the shoulder injury. Was what led the Packers to waive him Wednesday for failure to disclose a physical condition. From. Key disputed that the Packers and nobody shoulder he posted an inch or ram's story that detail the side anyway it turns out this this looks like. Maybe what happened here. Then assist Tom Brady reached out to room and said he was intrigued about Bennett returning to the patriots and Bennett wasn't sure what to do. Bill Belichick contacted them bill called and said they claim they they claimed me. I said no I've been away then he was like what's going on and I told them they went a quick conversation I was like let me think about and I'll call you back. An and apparently. The the apparently. Belichick federal who has just come out front in practice. Okay it says he's EI I'm gonna go to sleep in a note to sponsor his come out front he practiced and then. Ends up practicing well enough to play and it catches three passes you know that that's the official version of events here it's. Believable I mean we are just automatic giants players who didn't play hard for the giants and made the giants look ridiculous. And made a close look ridiculous and really by extension. You know in June in some critical respect me and some of those guys quit on their teammates. But this is a guy who flat out quit on him team. He flat out quit on the Packers this ruling did. He's he's having a hard time explaining why because there's not an explanation. He didn't like what was going on in Green Day and he wasn't willing to play for them. With Aaron Rodgers injured and Brett Conley on the field Martellus Bennett suddenly just decided I'm heard I need surgery. Time I think I'm done here. And now. Once they say we'll mecky Hsu waived I think he really is her purse. I think there's an injury there well there's not nothing but we're not talking about weather is Terry families playable. Right because at this stage of the season probably 70% of the guys are hurt one way or another question is whether he's playable and he. Straight up claimed. If he was surgical he needed a surgical repair now I think he said I think he said it was that he was it was an optional the only was opting for surgery right to repair I think as it might be torn rotator cup that's what he said yeah he said it was a rotator cuff. And if that's the case. Then by all means have the surgery. But to suddenly decide one day later on Leno and knowing it's the wings okay. It it's real obvious that he quit on one team and god willing to play it for another yeah to just I would respect him more if he just said was a patriots. There's a lot of guys would say that black has a say on I was feeling quit and but but bit but bill called and when coach Belichick called CE take a call. Mean that's that's a dubbed that would at least be the honest walked up to. Brady said I love having Martellus on our teaming adds a lot is a great player and it was for a slasher hopefully we can keep a building on it so that's. As best as we can tell that's the answer to that mystery it has got tired of playing for Green Bay does have an injury and decided you know. I'm gonna. Cash out my injury here may be re I wonder if you ever really did intend to retire. We'll never know I don't know I mean he he could have been maybe he was all I couldn't believe it out of the blue like the patriots claim he walked. Maybe he's locked in a dance at that point with the Packers and you know is just using whatever language he thinks will get him out of his deal I don't know. But you know he finished with the third most receiving yards for the patriots yesterday so. I gotta think the future's probably pretty bright says now that have gronkowski and Martellus Bennett Bakken tight in the way to what did moon. Excuse me at one point they thought that's how would be. But gronkowski was the one who was certain wasn't able to be on the field knowing him both so that's a big game for the raiders coming off the bye. Tended to Mexico City it's huge it's a rampaging. Patriots coming up that 41 to sixteen she'll lacking of the Broncos tough draw and that's a way goes they you know even if the game were played at coliseum. I'm probably pitchers would just stay out West Coast and her stay out west to practice they're gonna remain in Colorado. I'm but but. You did instead means of its a critical game for the raiders obviously. But they don't get an iPhone so that's life. Their owner -- that away and so there's have to deal with the Broncos barely gave a 24 points on special teams alone then. But they also gave up seven consecutive scoring drive to the patriots. The Brady looked pretty comfortable. And that's might might I think that the raiders remember how good Denver looked there and they beat the raiders chair. Yeah they look like they were put it together but but at that time. It also seemed possible that they might get to you know with without the quarterback situation becoming a big deal but it's a big deal now. Now if sub standard quarterback playing answer I mean may not be there only from the boys that when you notice. I apologize if I seem low self conscious today because I've found that some of the week in the they didn't know I found out that I have. Mid digital hair that I didn't even know was saying let's announced. Money was sent clean yeah. Lani was doing some. Get ready for class she's teaching ensues over Saturday and she asked about. Hairy knuckles do you have the do you have here on the knuckles that's. The second knuckle you know the the top knuckle its closest year. Your hand earnest here there but it's the next one down apparently not everybody has hair there I always have a now and he knows that staying in Gilani said. You know she inherited it from me because it's it's a dominant trait. But her husband does not have it so she's hoping on the there's a chance that are she if she is in kids that they they won't have a hairy knuckles but now so self conscious is this. It's legroom or something I didn't know. You have. Mid digital hair more. And even really like that term blood that's what I guess that's what it it's a thing. Well I mean I blame my idea little I don't know overgrown and slightly I don't you retrieve my I was never aware of this. The moment I mean the other robbed it you know yet not everyone has been seems under control idea which you do have it. Yeah a good on mine is run and wild. So initially. You don't want get down and I find myself in a set of my hands in my pocket socket of people and I and everybody was aware that before. Wolf. I mean I'm no expert but it seems to me be. Kind of strut your stuff like that's a dominant tree I guess so that's a good way to look at it I mean you're what advantage trying to give me that's not important right now what's important is still have a dominant treat. You should be you know let yet. Ebitda are players all have we keys millions warmer theory you know Harry knuckle Internet Julian warmer sure. I your your home free head in the cold months hear your views. This is indeed easy marks taxi this Indian woman a celebration for you. I guess that surprises this even bothering me. Ya know this is due to meet you used to strange to some idea for a dollar and you're right I do is that okay what are we doing about it nothing there's a place I can go to have a group there are certain to triple look at that when I need to trim out not what you declare victory. Thank thank you yes a dominant yes I am thank you very much okay sure dominate gene yet someone I've got. Anybody you don't even really have to meet way to be apt to nine knock on doors I can knock a little harder because I got to do anything you want to yet the price frighten Hamels of those novels. Yes never heard that there's a parent you excited about that afternoon that he's sad about Monday Night Football team. See the matchup. Well I mean I'm Carolinas it's I I have high. Hopes for the Panthers and she guy's neck oh. I I they were a bounce back claim of mine. So if they're gonna bounce back or any Dixon three even as I said that's just could not just an idea just hasn't been the most impressive six and three. And there and they're sort of the did the they've they've got wins but they they feel jacked up they feel jacked up because Camden sort of having a weird him few weeks we're Ares. Daddy issues that are always football sometimes football sometime he's still a different channel just. Yeah. But if they're gonna complete the bounce back they're gonna have to win some games like tonight with their supposed to it right and they shipped price we I would think so. In this shouldn't be a very it really shouldn't be a very good game and I say that respectfully but what a shoot out though. That's Cam Newton against Jay Cutler. No better man.