10 Mil a year's not bad for a QB who doesn't actually play anymore 3/7/18

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Wednesday, March 7th

Who's in line for Peyton Manning's services?


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We were just talking about the NBA cracking down on the bubble for team. Mark makes a great point well they were too obvious about it. Robin Lopez hasn't played since the all star break right. So anyway just went to the Chicago newspapers to see what they're saying Chicago sun times is. Equally perplexed. For thoughts immediately popped into my head with a news of the bulls NBA talks it Tuesday won the bulls to. The NBA is worried about the bulls' three of the team acute event takes straight for if the NBA really wants to see players like Lopez and holiday on the floor. It should find itself. So there are kind of scratching their heads in Chicago well as well yeah I okay to keep their veterans of orbit Robin Lopez yeah. Yeah now I'm I'm I'm not arguing any of that as some sort of ladies shouldn't you keep them off the forum their plan. You guys. On sacking units and deep on the bench that you don't necessarily. Counted. Coming into the game. I but I think when you're sitting guys who had been starting. Or guys who had been in at the very least heavy in your rotation and then you just sit them. Period. You're making it way too easy for the league to of red flags you. You just have to be a little bit less conspicuous about it. Yeah this column this piece was written by a guy named Rick Morrissey I believe me and he suggests a while the bulls they've really ruin any chance they had. At finishing with a worse record earlier in the year when they had the attention they want to many games and I think that it really is part of what happened with the kings to mean I know they weren't winning a lot of games earlier. But I think they. They went in the tank mode a little too late to actually be very effective thinking team. There was a pretty good. But Woolsey still have it's a pretty good give give and take though. You weeks I think that you know Jaeger definitely did not want a bailout especially not early in the season he didn't wanna go into a tanking strategy I think it probably. As respectfully as he could he resisted it and even win it began he made it clear that he was really on board B is gonna do it because he's team guy. So part of it stemmed from a coach who doesn't want young players watching. The inevitable happened every night because that's a bad. A bad move. Learning mode and also who who I think repeat. Jager for better or saying feel responsible some of his veterans and a topic I brought you here I'm soldier I want you to come here I didn't. This isn't what I thought was gonna happen. You know and also you know thinking back to when they were. Earlier in the season like he's striving maybe a little bit more but they have signed George Hill these are here now also don't think of a bit. They have signed a guy who is supposed to be part of some sort of either winning culture teaching culture or something that's exactly my point now clearly agree with you yell so they it they had put themselves at cross purposes. If it it's almost as though they. They wanted to try to win but suspected that they wouldn't. So they added the they had some help but. I know I know you know fill the roster and try to point that out at the time but people that wanna hear about it then we'll see you never now how it's gonna end up. They could still end up hitting the lottery to make it. It's always possible but could end up with a worse. Record and not get the first pick mean there's no doubt that in two mavericks in the mavericks absorb the crushing win last night. I don't know where they go from here my fear is that as I said my fears that three or four years from now every team that had a shot. I had really taken this year and wasn't able to do it is gonna regret that while we could add the under eight maybe I'm dead wrong about that. But I think he's the real standout in this crop and I think if teams are looking at it on if we get in the first five hour good I think that's wrong and we'll see. Fair to say that some people. Whose opinion you respect. Think Kate is really really good. And that's a good place start yeah but you know the other thing is with a guy that young he could be really really good right now and still never quite believe what happened he just let. I'd like to take address for your project yeah hey Peyton Manning signed a contract. As a rookie that paid him eight million dollars a year when they get that. Not bad I am not bad and now he's after forcing his grades that holds that the as a as a rookie broadcast we're. Looks like fox and ESPN. Are involved in a bidding war for Peyton Manning and it looks like right now. They're both prepared to pay him up to ten million dollars per year. To be an analyst for either man and a footballer Thursday night football ten mil ten million per year rob I'm that you don't know I'm not trying to put you on the spot. We do you know what Tony Romo is getting paid. Was it even half that and I'm I buy say even have to Abbott referrals get paid five million dollars. Teague you know do games once a week that's a treaty great deal mean ten is insane. Or ESPN. Pro football talk pointing out that an eight figure salary would represent a 3.5 million dollar increase over the annual gap sensation previously paid Dejan broad. Who left broadcasting to make ten million for years go to the writers. So they got ESPN and fox vying for Peyton Manning services. And so a lot of people there I think it while it's inevitable he's gonna end up next year as a TV broadcaster. He hasn't said anything about that but people I think that's just too much money he's not commit the turn that down. Plus he's regarded as a natural television he even hosted Saturday Night Live ASEAN us. Maybe does me times is Barkley but he's just he's done a I think he's done a few TV commercials to like. Everyone for awhile like every commercial opinion for awhile is that. They still gonna be the spokesman. The paid national spokesman and and and face. Of Papa John's even though he personally just sold them his interest in 31. Denver area Papa John's then in in which he had a significant stakes either outright owner mostly on all of those. He sold all of those. Two days before the NFL announced that Papa Johns is out pizza was in. So you know good work if you can find it them are you suggesting something untoward was going on there I'll have any doubt that. Bobby Johns probably has known for a long time that they weren't going forward so I don't I doubt it was a trade secret. But I mean it was interesting the inching. You don't always control the timing of your sale either but he had one buyer willing to buy all of those franchise. I know you think that patent if he does have this choice here should go to ESPN right I think fox is the way to go in and I agree with this notion that fox. Would provide a bigger audience and a schedule that would allow him to spend weekends at home. And he maybe could be part of the post season games are these Super Bowl Fox News and I generally argument I I think I had track I. Think today Monday Night Football even though it's not what it once was is kind of heavyweight vehicle that a guy like Peyton. Would enjoy being part of you don't I don't even think it's close to that anymore though well I don't know what you're saying but I don't we could begin and you never now meeting could be. If you're right it's it's not easy on ABC on Monday night so it's ever going to be that. I'm but it's you have got its firmly established in its new home this is nothing new units used in Monday Night Football that. The pregame the full roll out its its big event. And I'm just saying that it's possible to me it's possible that a guy like Peyton Manning. With his love of the history game which is obvious to anyone ever talked him out. He named check guys back through history keep it might matter more to him than it would somebody else to be on to say I was on Monday Night Football. Because Monday night football's. A franchise you know it's a it's a vehicle. And I grits of course is not what it was but it might appeal to him in a way it wouldn't appeal to a a different players younger player not share we even know how much Tony Romo makes doing because you know that the patent thing is being. Reported because there's is bidding war going on and it's behooves him and his people a little leak at a much there. They're thrown around here but I think Tony Romo just now okay I'll do it. But I don't I'm not sure that we we now. You know not to be steel and you're right. Churning ten millions of knowledge and you know Tony Romo. I have I'm just curious because he was also kind of the subject of the bidding war mean Tony Romo. Definitely could have chosen. A different network. He got offered a deal that I'm sure he couldn't turn down. On top of everything else to be there a part of the number one broadcast team CVS but I'm just saying. I don't know fees paid me and tell him different. Levels and other people but rumble was really being pursued and as I mentioned he got. Paid very well yeah also Peyton has. Blessings called the turnaround doesn't have super boring yet. That's what it is that's way that's the term outlook for well that would get him in a Booth that'll keep them there I mean Tony Roma had a good first year. Speaking of big money is this a waste of money out Laker fan has put up billboards trying to woo LeBron to the lakers because. The cast are going to be in LA this weekend. And this guy named im running. He's let's say. He's found on a law firm right now and ticket them Ronnie paper for billboards he owns a law offices of Jacob and Ronnie. And others hash tag LA brawn on them. One says Cleveland Philly can't compete with LA as number 23 Jersey and purple accompanied by a gold crown yet. He said he has more than fifty billboards advertising is companies cross LA average billboard. Is anywhere between Sony 500 dollars and 25000 dollars how many of the LeBron billboards are gathering for I think up photos for different giant waste of money or what. I'm massive waste of money how ever is it worth it for the advertise it yeah I mean if it it's a wasted timeout LeBron come in LA because it won't it doesn't matter if you. At all. But if you just talk about. The hash tag at the end of the hash tag kind of re directs you to a website the you know anything about. And yeah I mean I I suppose that's one way to get people looking at business than it sounds like business is OK if these guys. You know what sir all over LA and running says this is the first that this goes well unplanned do the same thing for Paul George sometime down the road America. When I'm open to accomplish is for the bronze in the all Baddeley is one of the news this is going to be the best situation that would bring the weather. Remiss to house's all's business ones routed his future. The what did he says that whether. The what do we bring a new way to. A pretty sure that's probably the way talks so. Our neck problem probably no not at all heels one of his billboards also had LeBron is the next number retired. Which is a nice Trixie had a couple he had Kareem and magic and somebody else and then both of ease. And then number 23 already in purple and gold already in the rafters little tray down over the three. You know only. So he's he's battled through it I mean I'm sure LeBron is like he had an all billboard okay. Yeah I'm a player ago here's my number reside Sarah Sarah. Billboards swayed me.