Trey Wingo

Weekdays 6:00am to 10:00am

Best known for his NFL expertise, and now as the face of the NFL Draft, Trey Wingo is the QB of ESPN’s year-round coverage of the National Football League. This year, for the first time he was the lead broadcaster for the entire 2017 NFL Draft. Along with his new show on ESPN Audio, he will also continue to be the face of ESPN’s daily year-round pro football coverage on NFL Live – the show he has hosted since its inception in 2003, NFL Insiders: Sunday Edition, NFL Primetime, and more. Wingo, who joined ESPN in 1997, hosts coverage from key NFL events throughout the year, including the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame ceremony and game. He also anchors SportsCenter Specials, contributes to ESPN’s golf programming, and will continue to be a regular contributor across various ESPN programs and digital platforms. Wingo is known for his wit, and captures the audience by mixing powerful information with entertainment. ESPN fans consider him to be funny, smart and extremely knowledgeable. A native of Greenwich, CT, Wingo graduated from Baylor University. He won six regional Emmy awards for reporting, including three straight years for outstanding sports reporting.