Damien "D-LO" Barling

Damien’s radio career launched in Sept 2001 when he began an internship at Sacramento flagship station KSFM 102.5. Working through the ranks for several years, Damien’s internship turned into a part-time/fill-in host and in Jan of 2005 he became part of a morning show that would enjoy huge ratings success over the course of the next several years. In 2009, Damien launched a sports management company that oversaw the career of several WNBA athletes. The company included negotiating playing contracts with teams as well as pitching endorsement deals to prospective suitors. Over the years he’s built long term relationships with Nike, Zico, Optimum Nutrition, and Vega.

Damien returned to Sacramento radio in 2014. In April of 2016, he headed up the launch of The Lo-Down (a playoff D-Lo, his name at KSFM). The show was a ratings success, consistently finishing in the Top 5 of the target 25-54 demographic while rating #1 in the 18-34 demographic. He began dipping into the digital media space while stretching outside of sports and into the world of politics and social initiatives with the launch of his first podcast Be Conscious.

In 2020, Damien founded the Be Heard Platform. Be Heard is a podcast platform launched to give underutilized voices an outlet to showcase their storytelling skills and share their opinions in front of a digital audience eager to support local personalities. Focusing on Black and female content creators, Be Heard features podcasts centered on sports, business, social justice, and pop culture. Be Heard’s mission is to create an alternative to traditional radio while introducing young, diverse talent taking their first steps as multimedia journalists.

Damien’s love for hip hop, music in general, pop culture, and his passionate approach to sports and social issues is what shapes his style of broadcasting as a multimedia journalists.