U.S. Soccer Federation is not going away quietly

Public sentiment certainly seems to be leaning in support of the women’s team

August 08, 2019 - 5:09 pm

By Charlie O @Charlieo1320

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The women who won the World Cup in soccer and captured the attention of the American public while they made their run to the championship - now find themselves in another battle. This time it is over equal pay.

The members of the women’s team filed a suit in March claiming that under their previous contract players could earn as little as 38 percent per year of what a male counterpart is making on the U.S. Men’s team. After filing the suit, the team learned they would have to first go to arbitration with the Federation over the issue.

Public sentiment certainly seemed to be leaning in support of the women’s team. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA) both brought up the pay statistics when they introduced bills that would require the U.S. Soccer Federation to pay the men’s and women’s teams equally.

Per the website POLITICO, U.S. Soccer has hired two lobbying firms to help them convince lawmakers that the women’s claims are wrong. The Federation has disputed the women’s figures on the pay disparity from the beginning of the dispute.

“Due to the large number of requests we’ve received from policymakers since the Women’s World Cup, we are taking the proper steps to make sure that those leaders have accurate information and factual numbers that will inform them about the unmatched support and investment the U.S. Soccer Federation has provided as a leader in women’s football across the world,” Neil Buethe, a U.S. Soccer spokesman, wrote in an email to POLITICO.

The lobbyists have distributed information that claims the women’s team members receive benefits that the men’s team members do not. The reports claims the women receive a guaranteed salary and maternity leave which the men do not. (If the men are being given bonding time with their newborns, they need to have a long, heated meeting with their representatives).

According to spokesperson Molly Levinson, the women players are “stunned and disappointed” that Federation is spending money on lobbyists to advocate against laws that would ensure equal pay for women and men.

Reports have the men’s team describing the Federation’s lobbying efforts as “disappointing but not surprising.”


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