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The Niners First Preseason Game is Just Days Away

August 01, 2019 - 5:34 pm

By Charlie O @Charlieo1320

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The San Francisco 49ers are just over a week away from their first preseason game with the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday August 10th. That means every player is now starting to feel the heat and ratcheting up the intensity as they learn the plays, improve their conditioning and execute their reps. This is it - the battle for a job is on and for some; it will be over on August 11th.

After practice on Thursday, Head Coach Kyle Shanahan had the opportunity to meet with the family of fallen Sacramento Police officer Tara O’Sullivan

“It was awesome to have them out here. I was glad they were able to do that. I told them they can come anytime. I just want to give them our condolences and we had the whole team sign something for them, but it’s just hard to kind of go there. It’s very emotional talking to them and things. I can’t have enough respect for what they’re going through, what their daughter went through.”

Coach Kyle Shanahan August 1st post-practice notes

  • On Guard Joshua Garnett’s injury: He had surgery on his finger. He should return in about three weeks. Garnett is competing for a spot at right guard. He was injured on the second day of practice before the team donned pads. His OTA’s were good and he arrived in good shape. Garnett was working hard and tried to keep practicing after the injury, but the finger kept popping out.
  • Offensive lineman Najee Toran: He saw a lot of snaps today. Coach said he saw Toran battling through everything. Shanahan also said Toran did not stick out a lot in practice which usually means the player had a pretty good practice. The video tape will tell all. Shanahan wants competition on the line. He wants players to really push each other.
  • Update on Defensive Lineman Kapron Lewis-Moore: The Niners head man reported that it is a groin-type injury. Lewis-Moore was taken for an MRI.
  • On why Defensive Lineman Dee Ford did not drill: Ford reported to the coaching staff that he was having a “little bit” of knee tendonitis. He said it happens to him every training camp and usually goes away. Ford could have practiced, but the coaching staff did not see the need for him to go today.
  • Shanahan was asked if Nick Bosa would fill in for Ford if that happened during the season: The head coach told the media it was way too early to answer that question. He said the team has 90 guys right now. Different situations call for different groups of players.
  • Red Zone Drills: The team ran their first Red Zone drills in the Thursday workouts. They were all scripted plays for the offense and defense. The head coach said some were good – some were bad. The team will work on the plays daily from now on.
  • On what their trying to teach Garoppolo in the early workouts: Shanahan indicated that is just looking for consistency – just doing the same the same way over and over again. Not making the same mistake twice. The coach also pointed out that the learning environment is better now that the QB can work with an actual O-Line and D-Line which creates a more realistic playing situation.

Jimmy Garoppolo on the workout

  • Evaluation of the Red Zone drills: The QB thought they went pretty good. Better than the OTA’s. He thought they made progress with guys making good plays. He did note that “it’s hard down there.”
  • On how he feels being back at work for five days: “Pretty good.” He said the body is holding up well. Garoppolo feels the team has made good strides but there is more work to do. He feels things are coming together.
  • Talking about the ACL and the pace of practice: “No, the training staff, we’ve done a great job. I haven’t had any issues with the knee or anything like that. Those guys, they’ve been top notch this entire process getting me back as quickly as possible and in the best shape as possible. It’s all I could ask for.”

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