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Where Will the Warriors and Kings Be Playing?

August 13, 2019 - 5:38 pm

By Charlie O @Charlieo1320

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The NBA always frustrates me because they wait so long to release their regular season schedule. They delay the release because they are making last minute changes to create premiere matchups based on player movements during free agency. That does have some merit.

The problem is – if you would like to travel to see your team play on Christmas Day – it is probably already too late to get good deals on flights and decent hotels are going to be booked solid. You may have out of town business trips scheduled for the opening night of your favorite team.

Major League Baseball just released their 2020 schedule yesterday. The NBA needs to take note.

The Golden State schedule

The 2019 opening game has great significance

  • The Warriors open their season at home on Thursday, October 24 in their brand new Chase Center in San Francisco versus the Los Angeles Clippers. It will be the first time the Dubs have played a game in “the City” since January 29, 1971, when they beat the Buffalo Braves (now the Clippers) 106-100 at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium.

The Warriors will be all over your television

  • They will be on national TV 30 times next season. You will see the Warriors on ABC five times, ESPN 13 times, and on TNT 12 times. Golden State will also be featured five times on ESPN Radio which means you will hear them hear on ESPN 1320.

Golden State will be working on Christmas Day

  • The Houston Rockets and the Warriors will have a 2:00 PM tipoff at the Chase Center on Christmas Day. It will be the seventh-straight Christmas that Dubs have played.

Interesting schedule facts

  • 11 back-to-back sets (down two from last season) and the fewest the team has had since the NBA went to an 82 game regular season in 1967-68. Of the 11 back-to-backs: three are home/home, six are away/away, and one is away/home.
  • Their longest homestand is five games from December 20-28. The Warriors have three five-game road trips.

Games with the Kings

  • Sunday, Dec 15 in SF; Monday, Jan 06 in SAC; Tuesday, Feb 25 in SF; Wednesday, Apr 15 in SAC (final game of the regular season).

Battles with the Lakers

  • Wednesday, Nov 13 in LA; Saturday, Feb 08 in SF; Thursday, Feb 27 in SF; Thursday, Apr 09 in LA.

Confrontations with the Clippers

  • Thursday, Oct 24 in SF; Friday, Jan 10 in LA; Tuesday, Mar 10 in SF; Saturday, Apr 11 in LA.


  • Hope you like the Lakers!
  • The home games: Sat, Oct 5 vs the Lakers; Thu, Oct 10 vs the Timber Wolves; Fri, Oct 18 vs the Lakers
  • The road games: Mon, Oct 14 vs the Lakers; Wed, Oct 16 vs the Lakers.


The Sacramento Kings schedule

The Kings will open on the road

  • The Kings will open the 2019-20 season on the road in Phoenix with the Suns on Wednesday, October 23. Marvin Bagley III always likes to play in the “Valley of the Sun” because he wants to show up DeAndre Ayton who was taken as the number one draft pick ahead of him, and MBIII lived in suburban Phoenix for a number of years.

The home opener will be just 72 hours away

  • The Sacramento fans will get to see their team open at home against the Portland Trail Blazers who once again feature the dangerous backcourt of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum on Friday, October 25.

The Kings on TV

  • Sacramento will be seen on ESPN on March 11, 2020 when they host Zion Williamson and Pelicans at the Golden 1 Center. The Kings are also scheduled to be seen seven times on NBA TV.

Games with the Warriors

  • Sunday, Dec 15 in SF; Monday, Jan 06 in SAC; Tuesday, Feb 25 in SF; Wednesday, Apr 15 in SAC (final game of the regular season).

Head-to-head with the Lakers

  • Fri, Nov 15 in LA; Sat, Feb 01 in SAC; Sat, Apr 04 in SAC; Tue, Apr 14 in LA.

Bouts with the Clippers

  • Tue, Dec 31 in SAC; Thu, Jan 30 in LA; Sat, Feb 22 in LA; Thu, Apr 02.

The Schedule Breakdown

  • Games by month: Oct ( 3 home + 2 away = 5 total games); Nov (5 home + 8 away = 13 total games); Dec (7 home + 9 away = 16 total games); Jan (7 home + 7 away = 14 total games); Feb (5 home + 6 away = 11 total games); Mar (10 home + 5 away = 15 total games); Apr (4 home + 4 away = 8 total games).
  • The schedule features six Monday home games, six Tuesday home games, six Wednesday home games, six Thursday home game, five Friday home games, six Saturday home games, and six Sunday home games.
  • The longest road trip of the season is a five-game trip that runs from January 18 to January 26.
  • The longest homestand is a six-game stretch that goes from March 26 through April 5.
  • The Kings have 13 back-to-back sets in the upcoming season: two are home/home; five are away/away; two are away/home; and four are home/away.

The Preseason

  • If you have some frequent flier miles to burn, you can go to Mumbai, Indian to see the two preseason games between the Kings and the Indiana Pacers. These games are a part of the NBA’s continuing international outreach to make their product a world game.
  • The Kings will host the Suns at the Golden 1 Center on Oct 10.
  • They will play the Jazz in Salt Lake City on Oct 14.
  • Sacramento will wrap up the preseason on Wed Oct 16 by hosting Melbourne United at the Golden 1 Center.
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