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MLB Trade Deadline: Less than 24 hours away!

July 30, 2019 - 3:48 pm

This is the first season of just one trade deadline for Major League Baseball. In the past, there was the non-wavier trade deadline on July 31 and the waiver trade deadline on August 31. Now there is just one trade deadline which makes every move critical. It also requires some teams to give up their playoff hopes one month earlier than before the deadline change.

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ESPN’s Jeff Passan summarized the situation in the last 24 hours this way: “It’s time for the buyers to step up and for the sellers to lower their expectations a bit.” In other words, it’s time to get real and get it done.

What do the contending teams need?

  • BRAVES: Pitching – both a reliever and a starter
  • CUBS: Second baseman and a relief pitcher. They could also use some bench help.
  • DODGERS: Bullpen help and a catcher
  • TWINS: Starting pitcher
  • CARDINALS: Power hitter
  • ASTROS: They need to add depth to their bench
  • ATHLETICS: An outfielder who can hit and a starting pitcher
  • INDIANS: Infield help
  • NATIONALS: They need to shore up their bullpen

Players are available to fit everyone of these needs, but are these teams willing to pay the price to acquire the talent they covet? The other question they must answer is do they trade for the long term or just rent players for the remainder of the season?

What happens next?

The members of the front offices will make sure their cell phones are charged and that they always have backup batteries with them. The interns have been sent out to buy energy drinks and snacks. While scouts are going to games at short-season rookie league parks in the middle of nowhere to see players that may be the long-term investment teams really want in any transaction.

In any case, it will all be over soon.

-Charlie O


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