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“Linsanity” is back! The question is why?

July 30, 2019 - 4:11 pm

By Charlie O @Charlieo1320

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Jeremy Lin should have never played a minute in the NBA. He played his college basketball at Harvard – not exactly a cradle of pro basketball player development. Lin went undrafted in 2010 and signed a partially guaranteed contract with the Golden State Warriors. He played very few minutes for Golden State and was assigned to the D-League three times.

In 2011, the Warriors and Houston Rockets both waived Lin. Never one to give up, Lin went to China and played for the Dongguan New Century Leopards during the off-season.

Lin was signed by the New York Knicks before the beginning of the 2011-12 season. He spent most of the early season in the D-League. Then in February of 2012, his life changed forever.

Starting on February 4, 2012, Jeremy Lin was playing for the New York Knicks. Lin scored 25 points and dished out seven assists to help lead his team to a 99-92 win over the Nets. On February 14, Lin posted a triple-double to lead the Knicks to a win over the Raptors.

Lin’s exploits became so notable that Sports Illustrated featured him on the cover of the magazine two consecutive weeks. The unknown Harvard basketball player had suddenly become the face of the NBA. The incredible run of “Linsanity” would come to an end on March 24, 2012 when he exited a game with what turned out to be a torn meniscus. Lin would never play another game for the Knicks.

Lin’s tour of NBA cities

After the “Linsanity” experience, Lin signed a three-year contract with the Houston Rockets. After two seasons in Texas, he was traded to the Lakers. After the Lakers experience, Lin signed with the Hornets. He then signed with the Nets but played only 37 games in Brooklyn due to injuries. Lin was then traded to the Hawks who bought out his contract in February of 2019.

Lin did not stay unemployed long as the Toronto Raptors signed him two days after Atlanta bought him out of his contract. He played as a backup point guard during the regular season covering injured players but played very little during the playoffs.

Lin struggled with winning a Championship Ring

Due to his limited role for the Raptors in the playoffs and the NBA Finals, Lin expressed doubts about deserving a championship ring. His teammates convinced him that all members of the team contributed to the winning of championship regardless of the amount of playing time that was recorded in the score book.

Lin now says he has “hit rock bottom”

Lin is on a “motivational” speaking tour in Asia, but his message isn’t very motivating. In fact, it is downright depressing!

He told a group of young people over the weekend:

“Every year it gets harder. And in English, there’s a saying and it says once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. But rock bottom just seems to keep getting more and more rock bottom for me. So, free agency has been tough. Because I feel in some ways the NBA’s kind of given up on me.”

The fact is at 30-years old, Lin may have reached the end of the line in his NBA journey which has not been a bad ride. Almost every true NBA fan knows his name. He has made $65-plus million in salary. Forbes estimates his net worth with endorsements at $170 million.

Not that money is everything, but there are many pro basketball players who would love to be in Lin’s situation after laboring for nine years in the association. Reports have a professional team in Russia interested in his services. He could easily become a television analyst on the network level, or he could become a mentor in the Asian-American community.

We all know that it’s tough for a professional athlete to disengage from playing the game, but for Lin to be publicly talking about being at “rock bottom” is disingenuous.

Lin is known for his Christian faith. It’s time for him to live the lesson of an old Gospel chorus: “Count blessings, count them one by one.”

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