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Niners head Coach Kyle Shanahan checks in from Youngstown, Ohio

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September 12, 2019 - 6:20 pm

By Charlie O @Charlieo1320

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Nick Bosa was held out of practice but coach Shanahan says he would not have been on the field no matter what his condition was:

“No, he would’ve practiced if he wasn’t still hurt from the game. He didn’t practice because of the ankle, [RB> Tevin [Coleman> didn’t practice, ankle, [WR Trent> Taylor, foot, [WR Jalen> Hurd, back, [T Joe> Staley had his vet day. [DB Jimmie> Ward was limited with no contact and then [LB Mark> Nzeocha was limited because he left with an illness throughout practice.” Did Nick aggravate something? “It was just still hurting from the game, sore after the game and still was today.” Is it expected soreness? “Yeah, anytime you have something like that, usually those injuries, high ankle sprains can linger for a long time. When you get in the game, usually you do stuff again and hopefully he can recover by Sunday.”

Shanahan sees this week as being like an “old school” training camp:

“Not really. It’s nice because we’re always there, you don’t have to leave to go home or anything. It’s pretty tight, it reminds me of old school training camp. But, I think it’s always good when you get the team in a hotel. Everyone gets to hang around each other a little bit more. I don’t know what the players did on their day off, I think they all went out to dinner together or something. Us coaches, it’s been the same. We’ve been in a room doing our same Monday and Tuesday. We’re pretty much creatures of habit.”

The coach sees staying in the Eastern Time Zone as having multiple advantages:

 “I think it’s huge. I’ve learned that the hard way over these last couple of years. Not just the time change, which is very tough going back and forth, especially when you have an early game, but also just the flying, how long it is, and when you play a long game and how much you can swell up on that plane after and having to come back, so I think it’s a huge advantage.”

The 49ers head man explained why he gave LB Kwon Alexander the game ball on Sunday:

 “Yeah. It says a lot about Kwon. The guys, our team gets along well. I think our team likes everybody, but they really like Kwon. He hasn’t been here that long and I know he was right up there, we decided five captains and there were like three guys who were right there for the sixth spot. So, for the team, when I see those votes and for the team to put him in that light when he hasn’t played a game for us, it shows that they respect and also like him. They’re pulling for him. He’s a good dude, treats everyone good and everyone knows how important football is to him. I think that’s why everyone knew how important that game was for him, which it always is for someone going back home. I know it’s hard that he did get ejected, but I think everyone’s happy that we could at least give him a game ball at the end.”

He also talked about keeping four TE’s and how hard it is to take Kittle out of the game:

 “Hey, let’s get Kittle out for a few snaps?” “Yeah, it’s always hard when you’ve got a player like Kittle who’s very good in the run game and the pass game. So, it’s always tough. But, you can never have too many tight ends. We use them a lot. We have one on the field at all times, sometimes we have two and sometimes we even have three. We think we’ve got four good ones on our roster, we’ve got a fullback, too, who can mix in with that. The more we can take off Kittle’s plate the better, but the more Kittle can do is better also for us. We’re always trying to balance that.”

No time off in Youngstown

Shanahan said he would not be taking any time off in Youngstown, so he would not being seeing any of the city. He did say there would be some down time on Friday afternoon, and that he planned to explore Cincinnati a bit. As a native Buckeye let me say, he made the right choice because Cincy is a much more interesting place.

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