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49ers win but Jimmy G struggles in Denver

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August 20, 2019 - 3:33 pm

By Charlie O @Charlieo1320

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The 49ers beat the Denver Broncos 24-15 on Monday night to raise their record to 2-0 in the NFL preseason, but that is not the story that really matters. The focus on Monday night was the return of Jimmy Garoppolo following his ACL injury last season.

Disappointing describes the QB’s return

The expectations of the fans and media were too high going into Monday night. The 49er fans are hungry for wins and the playoffs. They want to see Garoppolo be in mid-season form now to reassure them that the 2019 season is not going to be a bust.

The media continues to focus on Garoppolo’s lack of experience. They continue to report on the fact the Niners have paid the former Patriots backup QB “big bucks” based on potential and now everyone is looking for big production.

The was no production on Monday night. Garoppolo played three series in the game instead of the two that were planned for him before the contest. He completed 1-of-6 passes for a total of zero yards. He also threw an interception. Garoppolo’s QB rating for the game was 0.0.

Here are some of Garoppolo’s thoughts on the game:

  • On being anxious about being back in a real game: "Yeah, obviously a lot of excitement. I got anxious to get out there and everything, but nothing too crazy."
  • How it was being hit in game action for the first time since the injury: "It's something that I haven’t done in a year obviously, so I’ve got to knock the rust off and everything. Thankfully we have a short a week this week so we can bounce back quickly, but it's the first step of getting back into it."
  • Did he think about his knee while he was in the game: "Honestly, I really wasn’t thinking about it out there so I'm happy about that. Just in general, it didn’t bother me that much."
  • What positives did he take away from the game: "Just playing positive. We'll go back and watch the film and everything, but I think like I said up front, I think those guys did a pretty good job of holding up. I really didn't get hit very much, so I appreciate them for that.”

Almost that time. #SFvsDEN

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Head coach Kyle Shanahan’s analysis really counts:

  • What did he see from his number one QB: “Not much. The whole offense didn’t really get going. Had one chance. His turnover we had a chance. It was a longer developing route and we didn’t hold up on it. I think he got hit as the ball was going because it came out weird. He was going to the right spot with the ball, but we couldn’t protect long enough. The next one, ‘41 (Denver CB De’Vante Bausby) made a good play driving on it. He had two tips that would have been to open guys but there were two tips. Went out for a third series and got the holding call on the second-and-16, led to a third-and-16 and it was kind of over before it started.”
  • On whether he thought Garoppolo had doubts on the field: “No. Anytime you can’t get an offensive rhythm, everyone looks that way. We didn’t get anyone in rhythm. I wish we could have gotten him in a rhythm. It was very hard to pull him off on the third series because we wanted to go one and two series. One and two good series. I think the first one was longer than three plays. I think the second one was a three-and-out. I think the fourth one might have been a four-and-out. We just didn’t get going and I had to get those guys out of there.”
  • What did the coach say to his QB when he was done for the game: “Sorry I couldn’t let you stay in there longer. I know it’s frustrating but it’s not like go sit there and freak out over two tipped passes. When he’s getting hit, throwing a go-route to the backfield that was a pick. I don’t like the third down that he threw where 41 (Bausby) just squatted on our route and jumped the heck out of it. Try to come back and double a little later but he was in a cloud of coverage. It was frustrating for all of us because we wanted to do something, but we are on limited time with it being the preseason. We’ll have to get him out and wait a few more days for the next game. Luckily we have three games in ten days so we will get up there again.”

Key players by the numbers:

  • C.J. Beathard 5/11 passing for 81 yards
  • Nick Mullens 2/3 in the air for 27 yards and a TD
  • Raheem Mostert 58 yards rushing and TD plus 42 yards receiving
  • Deebo Samuel one carry good for 45 yards

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  • Jeffery Wilson nine carries for 33 yards and touchdown
  • Kendrick Bourne 3 targets, 2 catches for 27 yards and a touchdown
  • Jeremiah Valoaga 7 combination tackles: 3 tackles, 4 assists plus ½ sack
  • D.J. Reed recorded 5 tackles plus 1 assist
  • Kentavius Street 1.5 sacks
  • Jay Bromley 2 sacks

My play of the game

In the third quarter following the 49ers touchdown by Jeffery Wilson, Mitch Wishnowsky kicked off. The kick went 65 yards and Devontae Jackson caught the ball four yards deep in his own end zone. Jackson was making a nice return until he got to the 22-yard line then, “BOOM!” Jackson met Mitch Wishnowsky head on and the Niners kicker drove the returner to the turf. That rugby experience is going to pay off Mr. Wishnowsky.

Short week

The 49ers have a short turnaround this as they will play their third preseason game in Kansas City on Saturday night. Tuesday will be an off day and then its back to game prep on Wednesday.

ESPN 1320 will bring you all the action from Kansas City beginning with the Pregame Show at 4:30 PM and the Kickoff scheduled for 5:00 PM. Your home for the 49ers: ESPN 1320.

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