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The delicious taste of FREE is coming your way!

Chipotle is giving away Free Burritos during the 2019 Men's NBA Finals

May 28, 2019 - 2:51 pm

Get ready. Set. SCORE a Free Burrito from Chipotle's Mexican Grill! 

Chipotle is offering up to $1 million worth of free burritos during the NBA finals starting May 30th.

How can YOU get in on the action? Be on Chipotle's Twitter during the games as soon as you hear the announcer say “free,” Chipotle will offer up a unique code.

Every time "FREE" is used during the TV broadcast of a finals game -- by an announcer, color commentator, or sideline reporter -- five hundred freebie codes will be sent during the first half, and 1,000 during the second for an offer that can be redeemed for a free burrito, or any regularly-priced entrée.

Up to 20 codes will be sent per game. 

Follow @chipotletweets on Twitter, then once you hear the magic word and see the code, text it to 888222 for instructions on how to redeem a free burrito. The full details are available HERE

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