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Sir Charles: Zion Isn’t Fat but He Can’t Play at that Weight!

July 26, 2019 - 7:59 am

You may think that “the round mound of rebound” – Charles Barkley – is the wrong person to be dispensing advice on weight for rookies in the NBA, but Zion Williamson would do well to listen to the advice of the Hall of Famer. Plus, Barkley is not the only basketball expert who is concerned about Williamson’s conditioning. His former coach at Duke – Mike Krzyzewski - believes Zion was out of shape at the NBA Summer League.

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Williamson – who is 6-foot-7 - weighed in at 285 pounds as a freshman at Duke. That would make him one of the heaviest players in the NBA. For comparison, Barkley – who is 6-foot-6 – played at 250 pounds during his career in the association.

Sir Charles came out of college weighing 300 pounds. He thought that was going to be his playing weight in the NBA. He was wrong. Barkley says he had to lose 50 pounds to compete in the league and have the longevity that allowed him to become a member of the Hall of Fame.

Barkley says the biggest problem for Zion at his current weight will be the stress it will put on his knees. Barkley pointed out that Williamson is big and strong. The former NBA star also pointed out that everyone in the league is big and strong.

Zion’s former coach said in an interview that his player should have skipped the Summer League because he had been on the interview and award circuit which meant the number one draft pick had not been in the gym. Coach K also called Williamson one of the most talented athletes he had ever coached and “a gift from God”.

When you are a high profile star like Zion, everyone is going to have a piece of advice for you, but when Coach K and Sir Charles speak, a rookie would do well to listen up and heed their advice.

-Charlie O


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