WATCH: Bartolo Colon CRUSHES a Dinger in Rec League Game

Lou DiPietro
September 15, 2020 - 7:19 pm

Make it TWO career home runs for Bartolo Colon.

Well, sort of, because with Colon all but retired and the universal DH in place, it’s likely that the dinger Colon crushed off of James Shields in San Diego back in 2016 will be his only career MLB round-tripper.

But just because he’s switched from the National League to the beer leagues doesn’t mean Big Sexy still can’t mash some taters – just check out this video of Colon going deep in what appears to be a modified-pitch rec softball game, courtesy of MLB insider Hector Gomez.

Colon may be 47, but his hit tool lookin’ like an 80! Although, if he's crushing dingers like that, maybe the universal DH is a viable path back.

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