Michael Felder Reacts to the Big 10's Decision to Return to the Fall for Football

The Clubhouse with Kyle Bailey
September 17, 2020 - 3:27 pm

The College Football Analyst for Stadium TV joined the show to recap the first week of play for the ACC, and the announcement that the Big 10 will return to play in the fall after 6 weeks of turmoil.

The first topic that Mike discussed was the cancellation of the game between Charlotte and UNC as Mike told Kyle it really sucks and Mike thought that it was going to be a positive to see a group of 5 program in-state travel to a bigger school.

When it came to the Heels season opener against Syracuse last week and their slow start Michael just said that the Heels were not ready to play at game speed. He said the Heels along with most teams usually take about 40 minutes into the games to be fully ready and at full speed.

Then Kyle wanted Michael to give his take on the situation with the Big 10 actually returning to play next month instead of playing in the spring and Michael said:

"The timeline for this is going to be interesting, because if you start the season on October 24th and the season ends on December 19th with the Playoffs being announced on the next day, you don't have space to postpone games. You don't have the luxury that schools in the ACC have where you can postpone a game or 2. If you have a Big 10 school cancel 2 games, now we're talking about an 8 or 9 game season turning into a 6 or 7 game season. Does that still make you eligible for the playoffs?!? I don't know."

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