Mark Lye Previews PGA Championship, Why Tiger Has No Chance To Win

The Mac Attack
August 06, 2020 - 6:49 am

Golf Insider Mark Lye joined the Mac Attack to discuss the start of the PGA Championship and why the weather will play a factor, Brooks Koepka going for the 3 peat, as well as Tiger Woods coming back. 

Mark says the course is very beefed up and taken away a few par 5's and made them par 4's instead. Mark also says "The weather will be a big factor all weekend."

T-Bone asks Mark about the golf ratings and Mark says its a number of things. Mark credits Bryson DeChambeau for helping with that and also Tiger coming back. 

Mark explains how good of a job the people inside the tournaments have been containing the virus with only 8 or so positive tests on tour. 

Mac asks Mark if Tiger has a chance and Mark says there is no way Tiger will win this week. 

Mark also gives his guys that are under the radar and MArk goes with Xander Schauffele and Jason Day. 

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