How fantasy football sites are approaching Sunday’s Chiefs/Patriots postponement

Jesse Pantuosco
October 03, 2020 - 1:51 pm

If you play fantasy football, your head is rightfully spinning. After three weeks of relative smooth sailing, Week 4 has descended into anarchy amid COVID outbreaks in Tennessee (prompting the league to postpone Sunday’s previously scheduled Titans/Steelers showdown in Nashville), New England and Kansas City. Saturday’s bombshell announcement out of Foxboro that quarterback Cam Newton had tested positive for the virus predictably set the fantasy-sphere into a state of chaos with panicked managers racing to their smartphones and laptops to bench Julian Edelman and Travis Kelce.

So what now? Well that depends on what hosting site your league uses. Hopefully we’ll have more clarity on the developing Chiefs/Patriots situation before lineups lock Sunday at 1 PM ET (reports suggest the game will be held Monday or Tuesday in Kansas City, though we’re still awaiting official word), but in the meantime, here’s how different sites are handling the league’s current COVID predicament.


If the Patriots and Chiefs are able to play Monday or Tuesday, all point totals will count toward Week 4 fantasy matchups. However, if the teams follow Pittsburgh and Tennessee’s lead by rescheduling for later this year, Week 4 will count as a bye for both New England and Kansas City. In that scenario, fantasy managers won’t be able to stash Chiefs or Patriots players on injured reserve, unless they were already ruled out.


Yahoo will wait for the NFL to weigh in before making its official ruling, though if the Chiefs and Patriots wind up playing Monday or Tuesday, all statistics will count toward Week 4. With Sunday’s game postponed, all Patriots and Chiefs players have been removed from Yahoo’s DFS slate.


Unlike ESPN and Yahoo, Chiefs and Patriots players WILL be eligible for IR if the game is rescheduled for later in the year. The same goes for any Titans and Steelers players you may have.


FanDuel has scrapped all New England and KC players from its Week 4 contests. If you set your lineup prior to Saturday and it happened to include any Chiefs or Patriots, FanDuel urges you to replace those players ASAP, unless you’re cool taking a big ol' goose egg.


With Patriots/Chiefs no longer on the Sunday docket, DK has scrapped its “Afternoon Turbo” and “KC vs. NE Showdown” slates, refunding all entry fees. Unlike FanDuel, DraftKings has NOT removed individual Chiefs and Patriots players from tomorrow’s DFS contests, though the red “PPD” designation next to each name should be enough to tip even the most clueless users off. The Colts and Bears, originally scheduled for 1 PM ET, was pushed back to 4:25 PM ET, absorbing the time slot vacated by Patriots/Chiefs. Despite this, Bears and Colts players can still be rostered on the site’s “Early Only” slate.

Welp, better go change my seven season-long lineups. Don't wait up.

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