Dennis Eckersley jabs at David Price's interminable pace: 'Sale throws three pitches in time it takes Price to throw one'

Alex Reimer
April 23, 2019 - 11:51 am

Dennis Eckersley appears to share Red Sox fans’ collective frustration about David Price’s painfully slow pace on the mound. 

In the fourth inning of Tuesday’s contest against the Tigers, the Hall of Fame hurler contrasted Chris Sale’s time between pitches to Price’s. It was not a favorable comparison for the latter lefty. “He throws three pitches in the time it takes David Price to throw one, doesn't he?!,” Eckersley remarked. “Totally different style.”

The comment speaks to Eckersley’s blunt approach to broadcasting, and why he’s one of the best analysts going. Price’s interminable pace has become a widespread topic, especially in the aftermath of his public opposition to the pitch clock. Last season, Price took an average of 26.9 seconds between throws. 

How has the pace of play slowed down in the MLB?On the right: 1978 AL East Playoff, NYY vs. BOSOn the left: 2018 ALDS, NYY vs. BOS

— Tucker Boynton (@Tucker_TnL) April 13, 2019

Though Eckersley complimented Sale on his pace, he also criticized him when warranted. When Sale allowed a game-tying home run to rookie catcher Grayson Greiner, Eckersley said the struggling ace threw up a “tired piece of cheese.” 

After those remarks, here’s hoping Eckersley doesn’t run into Price on the team plane any time soon. Good thing the Red Sox are just starting a 10-game home stand. 

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