David Price Reportedly Using His Own Money to Pay Dodgers Minor Leaguers $1,000 Each

Jordan Cohn
May 29, 2020 - 5:51 am

While the Dodgers are one of many teams who have committed to paying their minor leaguers through at least June, the Athletics’ latest plan regarding their MiLB salaries has begun to cause some concern.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported the news, noting that Oakland’s decision was a “bad sign” in terms of how other organizations may follow suit.

David Price wants to get ahead of the ball and assist his new, promising teammates before they get that heartbreaking news. In an extremely generous move, according to a report from Francys Romero, Price will pay $1,000 to each minor leaguer in the Dodgers system using his own money.

Former Dodger and broadcaster Jerry Hairston Jr. responded to the tweet with exactly the same response that I had in mind.

Bravo, David Price. It’s a gesture that deserves all the recognition it’s receiving from fans lauding his charitable act. Still, Price’s gesture also serves as a reminder of the dark times our national pastime is currently undergoing. Owners and players can’t agree on a number of financial issues, and the Athletics’ decision to stop paying their minor leaguers received a ton of flak on social media from fans and players alike. Passan mentioned that Athletics owner John Fisher is worth an estimated $2 billion, while the cost of paying every A’s minor leaguer would have cost “a hair over $1 million.”

Former Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden responded emphatically to Passan’s initial report about the Athletics’ decision.

He then applauded Price’s gesture, calling it a “vet move” and suggesting that Price will pay “well over 200” minor leaguers that amount.

Should that figure be accurate, Price could be paying upward of $200,000 to these minor leaguers while dealing with prospective pay cuts himself. Though the latest proposal laid out by MLB involving a sliding pay scale will not be accepted by the union, it may serve as an indication as to what owners are willing to pay players in 2020.

Under this scale, Price would earn around $7.5 million in 2020, based on his $32 million annual base salary. If a negotiation can’t be reached at all, Price could be making nothing at all.

Still, he’s taking a risk and doing what he believes, making his veteran presence felt on his new team and standing up for the futures of young players. Rays, Tigers, Blue Jays and Red Sox fans may remember Price's philanthropic ways, including his Project One Four Foundation, aimed at providing resources to children in and around his hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Once again, bravo David Price.

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